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Red Siren Art

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I am Babs, the siren behind Red Siren.  Welcome.


As you peruse this site, you will notice my love of Steampunk. It is a genre that intrigues me because of it's endless possibilities and wonderous imagination. I also love acrylic pouring and try to incorporate it into my steampunk work.


I hope you smile and get enjoyment from my musings.

Please take a look at my gallery and feel free to reach out if you would like to.




Meet the Artist

  I am an 55+ artist  that had decided to take the plunge back in 2018 and express myself in a way that is different from my past.  You see, I have been a “singer of songs” all my life and love the expression it allows me. 

While at an anime convention with my kid, I found a new love for Steampunk.   I dabbled in mixed media/acrylic pour and decided to try them together.  I feel that this allows me to invoke a different feeling  than I can with my voice. 

It is my hope that in my art pieces, you will see and feel emotions.  Please let me know if you may be interested in commission work.

Who knows, maybe one of my pieces will speak to you.  

(I promise not to tell anyone if it does…  ) 

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contact me

Thanks for sending me a line. I will get back to you soon!!

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